I have been playing the piano for 39 years and playing the organ 30 years. I am a classically-trained pianist, so I have mainly been taught to play music from the Classical, Romantic, and Baroque periods. My piano teacher also taught me the organ, intending for me to take over for her after she retired from playing for the United Methodist Church (NH). Ever since then, I have played the piano and organ for various local churches in NH and VT. Whilst at college, I played the piano and organ, accompanied the choir, and directed the choir for several churches in NH, VT, and VA.

My music education includes courses in choir, band (marching, concert, and jazz), piano, voice, flute, saxophone, and organ (pipe and electric). I studied piano with Marjorie Lane until college, and with various professors at Lyndon State College (Kenneth Langer and William Cotte), as well as Shenandoah Conservatory. I also studied voice with William Cotte at Lyndon State College. My college studies included Music Theory, SightSinging, Music Notation & Composition, Sound Engineering, and Counterpoint, culminating in a Music Minor with almost enough credits for a Music degree. After graduating high school, I participated in the American Guild of Organists (AGO) Pipe Organ Encounters program at Dusquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. While there, I studied organ, practicing and playing a multi-keyboard (3+) pipe organ, focusing on pedal-work.

I have played piano for my high school (St. Johnsbury Academy) choir, show choir ("The Hilltones"), and jazz band, Lyndon State College concerts and Community Choir, church services, and various celebrations including weddings, memorials/funerals, and baptisms. I am familiar with various denomiational church services including Roman Catholic, Congregational/UCC, Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, and Church of Latter-Day Saints. I can play for your celebration, whether it is in a church or in another venue, inside or outside.

If you wish other musical entertainment, I play various music genres on my alto saxophone. I played with the St. Johnsbury Academy concert band, marching band, and jazz band while in high school. During the summers, I played with the St. Johnsbury and Lyndonville Town Bands. While at university, I played with the UNH Symphonic Band and the Lyndon State College concert band. I also played for Haverhill Congregational Church's Spring service at Bedell Bridge State Park.

I have played Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, and New Age music for church services, weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other events. For YOUR celebration, your musical wishes are at my fingertips. Contact me to set up a time to organise the music for your event. I also provide music for wedding receptions, playing piano solo or with digital music.

My resume is a PDF file. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, then you can download it at Adobe.

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