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"Music is in the soul."

~ Pythagoras

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Whether you are celebrating a wedding, baptism, birthday, memorial, or funeral, music is an important part of the celebration - bringing joy or providing comfort.  You find a location, choose decorations, hire a photographer, and, of course, acquire catering for your event.  Music is often relegated to the "back-burner" of your mind, and sometimes forgotten.  Well, that is where I come in.  Fret no more about music for your event - all I need is the music genre(s) you enjoy and I can organise a music program that will blend seamlessly into your celebration.

Even if the location of your event does not have a piano or organ, I can bring my keyboard with me to play for your event. Like a troubadour, I travel to provide musical entertainment. Contact me to let me know the where and when, and what music you desire for your event.

You may choose piano, organ, strings, or guitar for the instrument and I can play it on my keyboard.  I can also mix two instruments to create a unique sound for any music piece you choose.  Visit The Music page to hear a variety of sounds for your song choices, and to hear music for various celebrations.  If you hear a song or tune you like, add it to your wish list!

To learn more about me, visit The Musician page. My resume and digital business card are available there for viewing or printing.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kristen